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Remember when someone would get pranked and everyone would laugh and move on? And the person who got pranked would not apologise for any hurt caused and promise to do better? Those were the days...

Pretty funny though!

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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November 27, 2022
36 guests - one question: What is the one thing we're not talking about? From sex robots to hedgehogs, our guests have covered it all! Sometimes serious, sometimes comical, but always fascinating. Join us!

7pm UK time, 2pm ET

Live Streamed on November 26, 2022 3:02 PM ET
LOCALS ONLY RAW: Fireman Sam = Massive Sexist

Let's get some top Bigots in the chat!!

Live Streamed on November 19, 2022 3:04 PM ET
LOCALS ONLY RAW: No Rainbows, Please - We're Qatari!

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2 hours ago

R.I.P. the great Christine McVie.

The reason Fleetwood Mac work/worked is simply because all the songwriters were the equal of each other, no weak links. But in The Battle For Best Track On Tango In The Night McVie was the winner! This song is magical - It crosses generations - I played it for a bunch of millennials a while back, they loved it! McVie has sadly gone but her music'll live forever!

We're No Longer Advertising Established Titles

Hey all,

Just letting everyone know who doesn't watch RAW or didn't watch the specific RAW on which this was discussed, following our own investigation into this company we've made the decision to stop advertising them.

Thank you everyone who made us aware of their concerns.


4 hours ago

The beach looks golden and glistening - but that’s just the camera flash!
Beautifully nippy dip in the sea today - air temp 7°
sea temp 11°
The water feels a bit like little bitey creatures, nipping at your flesh when you first get in, then it’s ok. You can do about 1 minute every degree of sea temp: I’m not sure I did 11 minutes - but I did have a wee swim up and down in the morning sunrise.

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